This Present Will Teach Her To Make The Perfect Pie – The Art and Soul of Baking

Price: $23.89

Description: I’ve been gifted a lot of books on cooking and baking, and very few have been as complete as The Art and Soul of Baking. Just within the first few pages, I had about 4 “ah-ha” moments. In addition to containing over 250 oh-my-gosh-how-have-I-lived-this-long-without-baking/eating-this recipes, the book is chock-full of helpful tips on how to stock your pantry, organize your workspace, and bake like a professional.

And don’t even get me started on the charts! Did you know that a 9×2 Emile Henry fluted pie pan has a 6-cup capacity? While you may not have any use for that little tidbit, the baker in your life may find it mighty handy when she finds herself without one and needs to find a substitute. The handy chart of baking pan volumes can help her find the right pan for the job, even if the suggested one isn’t available.

And the best part about this book? It gives back to the giver. Just think of all of the test pies and pastries you’ll get to try!

Is this relatively unique or does every woman have it? I don’t think this is a book you’ll find in every kitchen, but it should be!

What kind of woman would like this? This book is the perfect secret weapon for any woman that enjoys bringing people to their knees with her amazing baking skills. It will appeal to both beginner and experienced bakers; the detailed instructions and gorgeous photographs are enough to make any baker feel empowered and motivated to try these recipes!

How can I personalize this for her?  Sur La Table, co-creator of the book, offers baking and cooking classes, so why not sign up for one and hide the confirmation of the class just inside the cover? The book is pretty awesome on its own, but if you want to make it a full learning experience, the class would be a perfect complement.

Are there any additional expenses I should think of? It wouldn’t be fair to say no to this one. You see, this book has an amazing section that describes common and less common baking equipment, which may lead to some additional purchases. And then there’s all the butter she’s going to need…