Mattes Square Sheepskin Pad

Reviewer: Erin

Price: Approximately $200

Description: In the realm of saddle pads, Mattes means superior quality and comfort. These 100% Merino sheepskin pads differ from some of the more traditional gel or foam pads in that they allow a horse’s back to breathe. The pad not only offers an open spine design, but is also form-fitting to help reduce pressure points by distributing a rider’s weight more evenly.

Is this relatively unique or does every woman have it? Definitely not something every woman has. Not even every horse woman.

What kind of woman would like this? The equestrian who not only prioritizes her horse’s comfort and health, but also loves to “dress up” her horse partner—just get a load of all the color combos there are to choose from!

Additional Info: The current link is for a full dressage saddle pad, but Mattes offers other variations, including half pads, all-purpose pads, etc. And not that the pad itself isn’t gift enough, but add a bag of carrots and you’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty.