The Perfect Present For The Woman Who Loves Horses, Or One That Just Likes Looking Good

Reviewer: Erin

Price: $159

Description: Kind of like peanut butter and chocolate are two great tastes that taste great together, these breeches are a great mash up of comfort and fashion. They feel good and they look good. Specifically, these low-rise riding breeches are constructed of four-way stretch cotton/spandex denim with suede knee patches and Velcro leg closures. Again, super comfy.

Is this relatively unique or does every woman have it? The first time I saw these was on a cool young rider at my barn. It was a “Where’d you get those? I must have them” moment. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen many other women sporting them, but am thinking that may soon change. I haven’t worn them a day when I didn’t get a compliment—and that’s not been solely at the barn.

What kind of woman would like this? Great for a beginner or advanced rider. Sometimes just sometimes, the fun of riding horses is also about dressing the part. These breeches kind of bring together Western and English style. Sure, I think they look best with tall boots, but they are perfect for a casual trail ride—which I’d highly recommend following with a fun lunch out with friends.

What else would she need? Dangerous thing about horse women is that there are always many, many, many more things we would need.

Are there any additional expenses I should think of? She might like these so much that she’ll want another pair. The great thing is that they come in varying colors and styles—with knee patches or even a full seat, the latter of which tends to give the rider a bit more stickiness in the saddle.

Additional Info: These jeans go by waist size—so hopefully you know your gal’s size or can easily check out another pair of her pants. Also if she is 5’5” or taller, definitely go for the “long” sizing option to ensure the most comfy fit under her tall boots or half chaps.