She Can Carry Your Love In This Gift Idea – Dakine Girls Hana Pack

Reviewer: Ashley

Price: Around $20-$30.

Description: I just adore this bag. I love it for the reason that it is just the right size to fit everything I’d need for an outdoor day excursion. It’s smaller than most backpacks (it’s only 7.5 x 17.5 x 12 inches); perfect for going on a day hike, snowboarding, or to the beach for the day without lugging a huge heavy sack around. It comes in a ton of prints and patterns (I prefer my black and leopard print pack) and it has two separate compartments to keep things organized. This is a great gift idea for a birthday or maybe before an upcoming trip.

Is this relatively unique or does every woman have it? Although Dakine is a popular brand on the snowy mountain; I rarely see women toting this practical accessory anywhere else. I know the first time I saw a girl hiking with one, while I was constantly repositioning and messing with my heavy backpack, I knew I had to have one and take it with me constantly.

What kind of woman would like this?  If your girlfriend/wife/lady in your life normally carries around a purse with her essentials, but still likes to get outside and into nature, this is the perfect gift for her. It’s not manly in any way so she can still maintain that feminine side while she’s out getting sweaty on your hiking trips.

What else would she need? A cute idea would be to fill it with some things that might be useful on day trips! For example: Chapstick, hand lotion/sun block, a fun new water bottle, etc

How can I personalize this for her? As mentioned earlier, it comes in a TON of great patterns and colors so you can choose one that fits her personality. Throw a little note in one of the pockets letting her know you’re looking forward to many adventures together; she’ll be thrilled you made that extra effort just for her.

Coach Wristlet

Reviewer: Ada

Price: $44.99

Description: This is a Coach wristlet that is cute, fun, and super convenient. When I received mine as a gift, I never thought I’d carry it every day, but I do. In fact, I see that all my female workers carry similar wristlets when we go to lunch. This holds my Coach mini wallet and phone perfectly. I can carry the wristlet by itself to a bar, or I can put the whole wristlet into another purse and not worry about forgetting a credit card or an ID.

Is this relatively unique or does every woman have it? Every woman should have one. If your woman does not own one of these already, she will thank you for this gift. This is a practical gift that even divas will like.

What kind of gal would like this? Any woman with a phone, credit card(s), and drivers license. She can be a minimalist who only wants to carry the bare essentials, or she can be the type who carries a different purse every day of the year.

What else would she need?  The matching mini wallet that fits inside – Coach Julia Legacy Stripe Mini Skinny ID Card Case

Are there any additional expenses I should think of?  To make it even more fun, you can buy a gift card to her favorite store and put it inside.

How can I personalize this for her? With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, you can find one that fits her style.

Any other information I should know about: There’s one additional benefit. With this wristlet, you won’t have to wait for her to find her phone, wallet, and ID every time you take her out.