The Gift That Tones Up Her Core – Stott Pilates for Athletic Conditioning Workout Kit

Reviewer: Ashley

Price: $39.99

Description: Working out and staying fit is really important to me; which is why I adore this Pilates kit. The kit is specifically designed for strengthening and conditioning through Pilates exercises; it has everything your woman will need to feel confident and prepared going into her workout routing. It contains two 2-lb toning balls, one extra-strength flex-band, and 3 workout DVDs (including one for men so you can join in!).

Is this relatively unique or does every woman have it? I’ve noticed many women are big fans of Pilates; it strengthens your core and gives you long and lean muscles. Every woman’s dream right? She may have tried Pilates at the gym or in a class, but now she can work out in the comfort of her own home without any of the added pressure that comes from the gym. Even though many women practice Pilates, I think it’s safe to say not many women have a mini Pilates studio in their own home. This is a somewhat personal gift, so I’d save it for a personal holiday…like a birthday or “just because you love her.”

What kind of woman would like this?  If your lady likes to stay active and fit, she will love this Pilates kit. Or maybe she’s been talking about wanting to get in better shape but doesn’t want to buy a gym membership or feels uncomfortable working out at Pilates studio or gym, this is a great gift to help her obtain her goals without any added pressure. Be careful though! Make sure this is something she wants to or intends to use; suggesting a woman needs to exercise without that being “her idea” might be a bad move!

What else would she need? If she’s already avidly into Pilates, you might want to pick up a few extra perks. Does she already have a Pilates or yoga mat? Maybe she’d love to have a variety of options with her resistance bands or weights. You can add more items to help customize her very own in-home Pilates studio.

Anything else you should know? Just to reiterate, because I think it’s important; women are sensitive but powerful creatures. Make sure you won’t be offending her by purchasing this as a gift; if you know this is something she’d like to/is already pursuing, then this is a really great gift idea.

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